Expeditionary Genealogist

9 days to go! The Race Begins

     25 Oct 2017


There has been a flurry of pleasantly frenzied activity lately while I’m preparing for my upcoming research trip to England and Scotland.  I’m not sure how many lists I’ve made, lists of lists, of what to do, before, during, and after my trip.  See? There I go thinking I should add English Tea and Scottish Biscuits to my list: During>To Do>Gifts.  Coordinating appointments and records with each of the different archives to maximize the efficiency of my research plans sounds easier than it’s turning out to be, but with 9 days to go, I’m not too concerned.  That’s plenty of time.  Right?

A few years ago, our family had the good fortune to live in Northern England.  Well positioned to go north to Scotland, or south to explore England and Wales.   Which means that I’ll be traversing familiar territory.  I’ll be making a loop from Leeds to Edinburgh, through the Highlands to Inverness, before Wakefield, Birmingham, Thrapston, and London (Kew) researching along the way.  Archives and repositories thrill me, and I while I’m inside their walls I’m happy and content.   Dusty boxes might bring on a sneeze, but the ability to hold history in your hands is just about the neatest thing.  Some people go to concerts and feel the same thing, but for me it’s libraries and documents and artifacts.

The ability to help families answer the question, “I wonder…” is so satisfying.  I love what I do.  It makes me happy.  So get ready to see some big smiles in November as I investigate some mysteries.